We can help you with websites on the WordPress platform

We deliver

  • Installation and configuration of WordPress
  • Webdesign (UX and UI)
  • Optimalization of existing sites
  • Advice for choosing correct plugins and solutions

40 % of all the worlds websites are powered by WordPress. The platform is well suited for websites who primarily is displaying information and blog posts. WordPress has an easy to use interface which many businesses are familiar with. It is easy to keep the websites up to date and to publish new subpages. 

We are experienced WordPress developers and can solve every task from standard installation to complex coding of plugins and themes. 


Speed is one of the most important parts of a website. 

We optimalize for lightning speeds. 

Custom WordPress themes and plugins

We design custom WordPress themes which create lasting impressions with your visitors. That gives us the freedom to create unique designs without limitations. 

In addition, we also code custom WordPress plugins if need be, so that all your desired functionality can be integrated. 


SEO or Search Engine Optimalization, is the concept of optimizing your website so search engines easier understand the content, and therefore gives it a higher ranking in search results. 

We can help optimize your existing sites, and deliver our new sites optimized from the first line of code.


If you have a business dependent on sales, your website should convert traffic into potential new customers. 

With our powerful tools, we analyze and optimize websites for increased convertion. 

Mobile first design

In 2021, approximately 50 % of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore it is essential to have a website designed to work well on all surfaces.

Our designs are mobile first, which means that they are designed with mobile screens as the starting point. This ensures that the information and layout will look beautiful, no matter what device the user is using. 


Websites must be able to comply with strict regulations regarding privacy. 

We make shure websites and systems are compliant. 

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Our process

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You brief us and we identify possible challenges and solutions.

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We create a project plan including everything that should and must be done to reach the identified goals.




We believe in processes with clear goals and rapid development.

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