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We can help you with even the most advanced digital needs.

We deliver

  • Development and implementation of Web applications

  • Integrations with other systems

  • Necessary guides and training

  • Maintenance and management

Websites with advanced functionality require systems which can handle complex logic. 

We design web applications who deliver modern visual design combined with powerful technology in the back end. The applications can be integrated with other systems, and are often the link between a business' systems, and their customers. 


SEO or Search Engine Optimalization, is the concept of optimizing your website so search engines easier understand the content, and therefore gives it a higher ranking in search results. 

We can help optimize your existing sites, and deliver our new sites optimized from the first line of code.


If you have a business dependent on sales, your website should convert traffic into potential new customers. 

With our powerful tools, we analyze and optimize websites for increased convertion. 

Mobile first design

In 2021, approximately 50 % of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore it is essential to have a website designed to work well on all surfaces.

Our designs are mobile first, which means that they are designed with mobile screens as the starting point. This ensures that the information and layout will look beautiful, no matter what device the user is using. 


Websites must be able to comply with strict regulations regarding privacy. 

We make shure websites and systems are compliant. 


We help you install powerfull analytics so you can see which news articles, pictures and text that actually add value to your site. 

Among others we use Google Analytics and Hotjar, but also implement other solutions if need be.


Django is used  to power web applications such as Spotify, NASA and National Geographic.. We use it for creating our customers webplatforms.

Django is flexible, safe and very fast. It is also scalable and works very well with both smaller and large websites. 


HTML, CSS and Javascript controls how your website looks and behaves. 

We have experienced front end developers which are experts in designing websites through code. 


Python is the worlds fastest growing programming language in popularity. It is agile, dynamic and extremely powerful. 
We use Python for coding many different backend solutions and applications. That means you get the most advanced and best code-base for you application or website. 


We design innovative websites using React, a frontend Javascript library made for building user interfaces. 

That might not tell you much, so let us paraphrase: it is an advanced web technology which gives your website endless possibilities. 
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Our process

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You brief us and we identify possible challenges and solutions.

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We create a project plan including everything that should and must be done to reach the identified goals.




We believe in processes with clear goals and rapid development.

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