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We develop websites and web applications by combining modern design with cutting edge technology.

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Some of our work

I Fri Natur

Vi har utviklet hjemmesider og digital profil for Lofotens fjellførere.


En løsning som skal bidra til gjenbruk og resirkulering av byggematerialer og komponenter.


Brokerbase er en løsning som holder oversikt over Norges eiendomsmeglermarked.

Tomorrows web technology

Why use old solutions when you can have the best the market has to offer?

Developers that actually care

Work with developers who take ownership in your project and deliver a complete product.

What does it cost?

From NOK 14 900,-

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What is the right choice for you?

Decide with the help of experts


How much time does it take?

From 6 calender days


What do you need?

We will help you with what's missing

Some already have an established digital profile, while others want to start from scratch. We have the competence to help you no matter what your needs might be.

We can help you with

Lightning fast websites because it matters.

Optimized for high search rankings with Google

With powerful tools and tests we analyze and optimize for increased convertion. 

Mobile friendly design

Compliant with the latest rules and laws.

Powerful analytics

Custom tailored design so you look the part

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Lars Marius Hoel Ulsnes
Founder TIGNE

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